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Reading Strategy Posters - Spanish

Reading Strategy Posters encourage and promote:
  • an understanding of reading strategies
  • active discussion using a common language
  • in-depth teaching of each strategy separately
  • an environment where reading and thinking is valued
  • students being motivated and engaged in the learning process while becoming independent and strategic readers
Each package includes 8 full colour posters.

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"The Reading Strategy Posters are a wonderful resource which help to implement and reinforce comprehension strategies. I strongly encourage teachers to display the posters in their classrooms, the lunchroom and even in major hallways. Children need a visual anchor to the strategies and the posters very effectively provide that anchor”

Ginger Weincek Graduate Teacher/Literacy Staff Developer - Elgin, Illinois and Moderator of the Mosaic Listserve Teacher Resource Website


Reading Strategy Posters - Spanish
Reading Strategy Posters - Spanish

ISBN: 978-1-55348-587-2
Price: $24.95


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