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B: Hot Dogs; Superdog; C: Where is Scully?; D: Bowser Meets Skunk; E: where Is Chipmunk?; Superdog to the Rescue; Little Beaver Makes A Dam; Bowser Meets Porcupine; Superdog Helps Mr Black; William and the Kitten F: Little Squirrel Shows Off; Big Teddy Gets Lost; Baby Canada Goose Flies South G: Bowser Has a Bath; Hastings (The Lucky Chicken); The Coyote and the Turkeys; Mrs Barn Owl Helps; Superdog At The Crosswalk; Porcupine Gets Stuck H: A Pet for Little Brother; A New Home For Chip; The Secret Nest; Getting Ready For Winter; Turtle Plays a Trick on Beaver; When Will I Be Like You? I: Hastings Lays An Egg; Superdog Helps Firefighter Ed; Baby Canada Goose Sleeps In J: Rudy Raccoon; Mrs Barn Owl Has to Move; Rudy Raccoon’s Halloween; How Bear Lost His Tail; How Buzzard Got His Clothing; The Three Goats and the Troll; Rudy Raccoon’s Surprise; A Friend for Chip;Who’s at the Door?;K: How Porcupine Got His Quills; Dog Overboard L:Never Cry Hunter