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 Porcupine Mini Guides

You may also download these PDF documents as a complete .zip file (27MG).

A Friend for Chip
A Little Lake for Jenny
A Maple Leaf
A New Home for Chip
A Pet for Little Brother
A Pocketful of Trouble
A Winter Day in the Arctic
After School Snacks
All About Fossils
Art in the Park
At Home
At the Birdfeeder
Baby Canada Goose Flies South
Baby Canada Goose Sleeps In
Bananas for Lunch
Barn Owls
Big Teddy Gets Lost
Bowser Has a Bath
Bowser Meets Porcupine
Bowser Meets Skunk
Breakfast Time
Can I Play
Cathy's Bookshelf
City Transportation
Color Magic
Crow's Busy Day
Dad's Pancakes
Dog Overboard
Everyone Skates
Fishcakes for Supper
Fishing with Grandpa
Getting a Pet
Getting Ready for Baseball
Getting Ready for Winter
Going Skiing
Going to Niagara Falls
Grandparents' Day at School
Hastings (the Lucky Chicken)
Hastings Lays an Egg
Hats and Mittens
Hot Dogs
How Bear Lost His Tail
How Buzzard Got His Clothing
How Porcupine Got His Quills
I Live in the City
I'm Not Afraid
In the Ravine
It Was Missy
Ling's New Year's Surprise
Little Beaver Makes a Dam
Little Squirrel Shows Off
Living in the City
Living in the Country
Looking in the Mirror
Maggie's Beautiful Picture
Make No Bones About It
Making a Book
Making Cookies
Making Maple Syrup
Making Roti
Maple Syrup Time
Max the Zamboni Driver
Mom's Birthday Surprise
Mothers and Babies
Mr. Fix-It
Mr. Walker Wednesday
Mrs. Barn Owl Has to Move
Mrs. Barn Owl Helps
Mud Pies
My Friend Brandon
My Maple Tree
Never Cry Hunter
New Bikes
New Shoes
Nick's New Boots
Owning a Cat
Picking Apples
Porcupine Gets Stuck
Rainy Day Email
Recycling Day
Rough, Bumpy or Smooth
Rudy Raccoon
Rudy Raccoon's Halloween
Rudy Raccoon's Surprise
Shapes Around the City
Signs Around Us
Six More Days Until My Birthday
Snow Angels
Summer in the Arctic
Sun Fun
Superdog at the Crosswalk
Superdog Helps Firefighter Ed
Superdog Helps Mr Black
Superdog to the Rescue
Thanksgiving Dinner
The Airport
The Band
The Biggest Christmas Tree
The Bike Ride
The Computer
The Coyote and the Turkeys
The Donut Shop
The Dream Catcher
The Elevator Adventure
The Fairy Tale Birthday Party
The Family Gathering
The Fox and the Crow
The Greedy Little Boy
The Hockey Game
The Ice Storm
The Lost Mittens
The Moose Calves
The Northern Lights
The Pizza Visit
The Playground
The Rainbow Day
The Rainy Day
The Santa Claus Parade
The School Bus
The School Concert
The Secret Nest
The Shopping Trip
The Skating Rink
The Swimming Lesson
The Three Goats and the Troll
The Train Ride
The Twins' Halloween
The Twins
The Wind
The Wonderful World of Tops
The Wood Carver
The Yard Sale
Too Busy
Turtle Plays a Trick on Beaver
What Can You See
What Flew by the School
When Will I Be Like You
Where Is Chipmunk
Where Is Scully
Who Planted the Seed
Who's at the Door
William and the Kitten
William's Body
You've Got Mail


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