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Revision Plus

Educators agree the most common stumbling block in the writing process is revision. Revision Plus ensures that your students will care about revision, understand its purposes, and learn how to revise successfully as they develop their own draft writing.

Award-winning teacher Sylvia Gunnery combines her experiences as an educator and as the writer of teacher resources as well as numerous books for young people to create this innovative and practical classroom resource. The author of Just Write! (Pembroke/Stenhouse 1998) and The Writing Circle (Pembroke/Stenhouse 2007), Sylvia frequently presents at literacy conferences across the country. Each Revision Plus package includes:
  • 5 sets of task cards with 64 cards in each set
  • 1 four-page Teacher Resource
Choice Correctness Ideas Organization Voice

A simple yet powerful complement to all writing programs, Revision Plus
  • makes revision routine.
  • lets students know exactly what to look for as they revise.
  • is a flexible classroom resource.
  • is a classroom-organization and time-saving tool for teachers.
  • can help to make revision fun.
  • focuses and simplifies the job of revision.
Download Revision Plus Lesson Plans as a PDF:

Getting Started
More Introductory Lessons
Lesson 1 - Revising Descriptive Paragraphs
Lesson 2 - Revising Autobiography
Lesson 3 - Revising Fiction
Lesson 4 - Revising Business Letters
Lesson 5 - Exploring Writer's Voice


Revision Plus Complete Pack
Revision Plus Complete Pack

ISBN: 978-1-55348-980-1
Price: $49.95


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